Fläsket Brinner was formed in spring 1970, first under the name "Atlantic Ocean",later the same year the group was renamed to "Fläsket Brinner".
The or
iginal band consisted of:
     Sten Bergman, organ, flute (who started the group but quit in 1971)
     Bengt Dahle'n guitar
     Per Bruun bass
Erik Dahlbäck drums.
The band was a part of the progressive movement's birth in Sweden that started with
alternative festivals on the Gärdesfältet in Stockholm in the summer of 1970.
These music festivals became a start for the record company Silence Records and a lot of other musical arrangers around Sweden.
In December 1970 ”Fläsket Brinner” appeared as the opening act for Frank Zappa´s group, Mothers of Invention.
Parts of the concert were later released on record under the name "Fläsket Brinner".
The group toured in the years 1970-1974 throughout Sweden and released further more two records.
The members of the group were at this time:
     Gunnar Bergsten Saxophone
     Bengt Dahle´n guitar
     Bobo Stenson piano
     Bo Hansson Organ
     Per Bruun bass
     Erik Dahlbäck drums
     Bill Öhrström Percussion
The band had an open attitude, and invited all kinds of musicians to participate, which resulted in that numerous of jazz and pop musicians spontaneously appeared over the years.

Fläsket Brinner was reunited in 2003 during the re-release of the groups second record, "Fläsket". The band received an enthusiastic reaction from the audience. In the same year record company ”Mellotronen” released a CD-Box, "Swedish Radio Recordings", consisting of four records from the early 70's.
From the summer 2005 until now, the band looks like this:
Bengt Dahlén, guitar
Erik Dahlbäck drums
     Thomas Jutterström, Hammond organ
     Göran Lagerberg, bass
     Anders Ekholm, tenor sax.
     Stefan Blomquist keyboards, synthesizer

This setting has meant a revival of the band.
The new members, experienced bassplayer Göran Lagerberg,organ virtuoso Thomas Jutterström, saxophonist Anders Ekholm, with a clear jazz reference, keyboardist Stefan Blomquist who with his piano and his synthesizer gives greater weight and wider timbre to the music.
This constellation of Fläsket Brinner is more than ready to meet new and old admirers.
If you should try to describe the group's music it would be that you could hear influences of jazz elements. Partly because it is instrumental music but also because it is largely based on improvisation.

You can also associate to Frank Zappa's 60th century group Mothers of Invention and the Group Deep Purple.Fläsket Brinner is, with its mixture of rock, jazz and folk music one of the premier representatives of the musically interesting period of prog music – a sound that lasts till today. It is a newly found interest for the music that dominated the early seventies and some of the bands from that period have been reunited and are now playing together again.

But foremost the group has its own sound. It has its own clearly personal expression that can not be mistaken.